About Us  
Lilly Pad Pages was launched in October of 2008 with the hope that our
page kits would encourage and enable the busiest of people to enjoy the
much loved craft of scrapbooking.

My family has been active in the crafting world since 1984.  Lilly Pad
Pages is a family business.  Everyone is somehow involved in the
company, whether it is helping to design, cutting pieces, general
brainstorming, or working on technical issues.  

We believe scrapbooking is one of the most rewarding hobbies that
anyone can participate in and we hope that through our page kits, we
can add enjoyment to this craft.

While I enjoy many activities, I have focused on scrapbooking since 1999.
I worked in our local scrapbook store for 7 years.  I taught classes,
created kits, attended workshops and crops, and made many friends.

Thanks to all for believing in Lilly Pad Pages - especially my family and

Unique and "Limited Edition" 12x12 Scrapbook Page Kits
Lilly Pad Pages Logo
A personal note:
We are so sorry to say that my
father, Andy, has passed away.  
He will be greatly missed.  
He was a wonderful man who gave
us daily motivation to work hard
for Lilly Pad Pages.
It is in his memory and honor that
we will strive to be the best small
business that we can. We miss you
. . .  Lisa and Tom
Our helper, Andy - aka- Poppa.